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After having signed partner agreements with the Vitality team, the French premium pay television channel Canal Plus which is undergoing a renewal of its programming schedule since Vincent Bolloré take-over is about to ride even more on the wave of eSport.Diego Bunuel, the host of a television news show in France called Les Nouveaux Explorateurs and recently appointed Canal+ head of documentaries, has announced the creation of a show on eSport. This show will be named Canal Esport Club, a nod to the Canal Footbal Club program.

Meeting of two worlds

BM Blanche yeux transparents

No one should expect a great show on big games and competitions during the previous week, as is usually the case with soccer. Diego Bunuel, interviewed by The Esports Observer, cleared up a few points concerning the format of the TV programs and pointed out limits of broadcast for eSport games on TV.The host himself, a very big fan of video games says that even if the Canal Esport Club will talk about eSport as specific as possible and will be considered as a sport, as any other sport, in the same way Canal+ did it for rugby, Formula 1 or poker, there are quite heavy constraints when it is needed to move from the computer screen to the TV screen and unexpected constraints as well. Titles like Call of Duty and Counter Strike are delicate because of the legislation on PEGI (age limit on programs set by the French TV and radio regulatory body) which is more stringent on TV that on the internet. Accordingly we will talk about it but it will be difficult for us to show images. Games such as Overwatch are attractive because they are rated as PEGI 12.

It will be a show about super games currently making up the core of the eSport: Dota, League of Legends, and Hearthstone…’

 In addition : we won’t provide live commentaries on games ‘It is still too early for that. It is not our job to watch the whole games. Our job is to share stories about eSport..

But Diego Bunuel states : It will be a program about super games making up the core of the eSport: Dota, League of Legends, and Hearthstone…’.

By contrast, the Vitality team will not take part in the program : Our partnership with Vitality is simply that of a partner. We are glad to work with them but we cannot feature them in the show, which would be an editorial independence problem.’

Finally, given that the current policy of Canal Plus which tends to withdraw the majority of its free-to-air programs, it is very likely that the Canal Esport will be only for subscribers. Reply as of the return from the summer holidays.

Our opinion


The more we will talk about eSport, the more mentalities will evolve and structures will become increasingly significant.

The quality production of D. Bunuel is known.

At last a real French television program about eSport.

eSport – seen as a real sport

Hmm, well…

No live broadcasting

A selection of games restricted by law and French TV and radio regulatory body.

Available only for subscribers

Everything will depend on “experts” selected

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